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We offer products and services to help you get the most out of today’s connected home.
Expert evaluation and installation
Having a proper evaluation is critical to provide the best possible WiFi coverage. We consider factors such as construction materials, floor plan and other nearby networks to plan your installation.
Improved connectivity
Wired networks provide unrivaled speed and reliability while professional grade WiFi equipment keeps your mobile devices better connected than anything found at big box stores.
Investment for the future
A professional network installation not only adds instant value to your home but also provides a solid foundation to add Smart Home devices later.
Guest WiFi access
Share your internet access with friends and family while keeping private data safe and secure.
Expert evaluation & estimate Free!
Consultation rate $92.00 / hr
Cost estimation tool
Every project is unique so we’ve created an estimator tool to help you get an idea of the cost for a wired and/or wireless installation!
Q: Why would I want to have a wired network installed?
Adding a wired network to your home adds value, provides a solid backbone for your smart home devices and delivers speed and reliability that wireless simply cannot match. This is the way to go if speed and reliability are most important to you.
Q: Why shouldn't I just use the WiFi feature on my router?
Equipment from your ISP or a box store can be difficult to configure correctly and just can't compete with professional grade equipment when it comes to coverage, performance and reliability. If you want the most solid WiFi coverage for your home look for a professional evaluation and installation.
Q: What does a standard wired network installation include?
We provide all cabling, network equipment and setup needed for your wired home network. No fuss; just plug in and start using it! Each major room is wired for one network port (two for your living/family rooms) and a centrally located structured wiring panel is installed for easy access to equipment. Custom options and additional consultation are available upon request!
Q: What does a standard wireless network installation include?
Just like wired networks, we provide all cabling, network equipment and setup needed for your wireless home network. Walk in, connect your devices and start enjoying your new WiFi setup; it's that easy. Ceiling mounted access points are installed for the best coverage possible and a centrally located structured wiring panel is installed for easy access to equipment.
Q: Does my installation include Internet service?
Internet service is provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as your local cable/phone company and is not included with our services. That said, if you already have an active Internet connection available we will absolutely make sure it's up and running on the new network! Additional assistance is available after installation at our standard consultation rate.
Fair internet sharing
Devices in your home all compete for a “slice” of your internet connection. A single device can take nearly the entire “pie” which causes slow websites, stuttering videos and freezing apps/games for everyone. Our solution helps solve these issues by ensuring every device gets a fair share.
Website filtering
Concerned about what kind of websites your kids might be viewing? We can enable filtering to block specific types of content such as gambling, drugs or adult themes for every device in your home.
Remote network access
Access documents and photos saved on your home network from anywhere in the world using a secure VPN connection.
Advanced router hardware $450.00
1 Year standard warranty Included
On-site installation Included
All prices include parts and labor.
Available only within 75 mi of Kalispell, MT
Q: How does your router help my internet connection?
Our solution uses traffic shaping technology to ensure that your internet connection is shared fairly among all the devices in your home. Even if someone is download a large file it will help videos to play smoothly and webpages to load quickly for everyone.
Easily share files
Family folders are a great way to save things like documents and photos in a place where the whole family can access them while personal folders still let you securely save more private files.
Protect important data
Saving documents and photos to a home server helps protect them against loss that might happen to your personal computer such as hardware failure, viruses or theft. For even more security you can subscribe to a cloud backup service to protect against total loss such as a fire or flood.
Be ready for expansion
A home server is a powerful computer that is ready for your future needs. It provides a solid foundation to expand your home into other products such as home automation, security systems, media management systems and Smart Home devices.
Home server hardware
  • Windows Server 2016 Essentials
  • 3.2Ghz Intel Xeon processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 3TB storage (2x replication)
1 Year standard warranty Included
On-site installation and configuration Included
Battery backup Included
All prices include parts and labor.
Available only within 75 mi of Kalispell, MT
Q: How is my data protected on a home server?
Keeping your data stored on a home server separates it from your daily-use computer which can be more vulnerable to situations like hardware failure, viruses or theft. Everything saved on your home server is automatically saved to two hard drives at once and can also be backed up with a cloud backup service for even more protection.
Q: Is there an additional cost for a cloud backup service?
Yes, there is. Cloud backup services are provided by a third party and typically cost a fixed amount per month or year. If you are interested in adding this service please let us know and we can provide you with more cost detail.